What are Security Tokens?

Security Tokens Democratize assets and distribute them among investors all over the world. To give a very basic example, instead of owning the Mona Lisa, which may be out of a lot of people’s budget, it is now possible for hundreds of people to own a fraction of the Mona Lisa.

This form of fractionalized ownership is becoming a huge disrupter in the global economy, and many companies in various industries have begun deploying it.

At Giants Digital we are experts in launching Security Token Offerings from end-to-end, and are extremely well-connected and respected internationally among key influencers and investors within the STO/IEO, Blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds.  We are proud to play a significant role in this new and improved, fully transparent, and most importantly lucrative investment vehicle.


What is a Security Token Offering?

A Security Token Offering or STO is the process of selling Security Tokens – digital crypto analogues of shares or other tokenized assets. STOs are quite the new thing, and were born as an evolution from ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), which became very popular in 2017-2018. A lot of companies and startups all over the world began launching ICOs and selling tokens to investors. Such activity attracted a lot of money from private investors, and provided for the opportunity to market test the new blockchain and crypto technologies by accelerating its adoption.

However, IСOs had a number of significant drawbacks: investors did not receive a share of the projects profit, nor were they given Common Stock Voting Rights —which provide the investor with the opportunity to influence the company’s operation. Lack of regulatory control allowed for the conducting of fraudulent IСOs. The Security Token is posed to amend all of these issues while retaining all of the advantages this innovative blockchain based investment technology provides. All Security Tokens are under tight control of regulators monitoring law enforcement compliance.


STO Marketing Services

Legally Raise Funds for Your Project from International Accredited Investors

Our primary focus is launching a comprehensive crowdfunding campaign by designing & implementing a complete strategy through integrated promotional services aimed at building Community, Investor, and Influencer outreach, while providing the following benefits:

  • Direct access to our wide network of investors, VC, funds and family offices
  • Legal framework & incorporation consultation
  • Area specific marketing packages i.e. Asia, Europe, UAE, U.S. etc.
  • Direct contact to Influencers and popular Media Personalities
  • Investor Roadshows and private meetups
  • Regional Compliance.
  • Area specific marketing packages i.e. Asia, Europe, UAE, U.S. etc.
  • Access to global capital in a fully compliant way.
  • Liquidity - Instant settlement & fractional ownership.
  • Efficiency - Saving you time & money.

coporate Services

We raise capital quickly and efficiently.

We help our clients navigate this brave new world, using our wide network of connections, insights gained, and resources necessary to execute a successful and compliant offering, while reducing the cost and complexity of acquiring both accredited and retail investors.

We build community trust for our clients. This is achieved by creating brand visibility and generating high ratings on all popular platforms and listings. Today, achieving such high ratings is not all that simple. But at Giants Digital, we like to make it look that way.

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