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The thing with websites today, is that —unless maintained on a regular basis- they can not keep up with the constant and rapid evolution of the internet. Businesses usually pay a large cost upfront for a website that is only modern for about 1-2 years, then suddenly becomes outdated and impractical. These websites inevitably run into technical errors that cause them to malfunction. We are here to change that. With our monthly subscription plans we offer a NO-UPFRONT-COST solution, with a weekly maintenance schedule, ensuring your website STAYS BEAUTIFUL. With our affordable monthly subscription plan you will have the same tools and technologies that your competitors pay upward of $15,000 for. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on, hmmm let’s see, YOURSELF!? YES. GO. ON. VACATION. We will take care of the rest!

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Boost your website to Page numero UNO with our 2019 Search Engine Optimization best practices. Our SEO Experts will create a custom designed marketing plan to rank you higher than Michael Phelps at a frat party. Get ranked on Google page 1 today with our Google Adwords services. Grow your keywords organically to Google Page 1 through our advanced Search Engine Optimization strategy.

We can get you ranked above your competitors in Orlando, Miami, Naples, Atlanta, even world wide!

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Websites were once compared to a storefront. Today we know that websites can be much smarter than that. They come alive, think for themselves (A.I.), answer any of your customers questions and automatically generate sales. Treat your website like a high valued employee that can work non-stop 24/7 to generate valuable business for you. If your website is not living up to these standards, have one of our experts take a look, and suggest what changes you could make to convert your existing website into a SALES GENERATING MACHINE!

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We are your clever, calculating coconspirators, bent on getting you a bigger piece of that market share pie. Because who doesn’t like pie? So put on your fancy pants, because We Will Make Your Website Dance!

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We will turn your website into a 24/7 non-stop sales generating machine. Enjoy the benefit of rising above your competition with a beautiful modern design and our sophisticated Search Engine optimization packages + A.I. Analytics tools. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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